Welcome to Louisiana Power Coalition

We are a coalition of like minded organizations composed of individuals who are determined to have an impact in our state, for it is within our state that progress must be made!  The states need to stand and be heard at a time when the Federal level has failed in so many ways.  The states must take a stand!  Then and only then will the federal level listen and act.


Our Mission 

to educate the voters about the critical issues of our time and to be a watchful eye over our legislators by contacting them on a regular basis to voice our concerns over pending legislation.  We need to maintain a constant relationship with our legislators letting them know we are watching and will hold them accountable.  We want them to know they are expected to do the right thing regarding legislation for their constituents.  The ultimate goal is to bring our country back to the Godly principles it was founded on.  We can do it and are asking you to be a part.


Please join with us and be a part of the grassroots movement we have committed to and help unite all conservatives groups in this mission.  You can truly be VOTERS IN ACTION.